Tom - guitar, bass and vocals:

Tom grew up on Long Island in the 50s, listening to Doo-Wop and top-40 radio. He literally sang harmony on street corners. Besides years of formal music lessons on trombone, he learned guitar, bass and keys, and joined several typical garage bands, playing out regularly through high school and college. 

After college he had a stint in the Army, including an all-expense-paid one year vacation in Viet-Nam. When he came home in one piece, Tom got a day job, and continued to play and sing, both in the studio and in bands, including about every weekend with the popular "Retros" in NJ during the late 70s and 80s.

He then formed/joined the "mock-rock" performance group "The Legendary Rinaldo Brothers", appearing as "Tim Rinaldo". (

He produced several CDS, and a lot of songs. Tom's tunes were at the top of the Doo-Wop charts on the original, ill-fated  He currently markets his “New Doo-Wop” and Rockabilly tunes on iTunes, Amazon and other distributors, and from his Myspace page

Tom's still slugging it out live in the Albany NY area, currently playing guitar and singing with "Betsy and the ByeGons".. Tom says “As long as Mick Jagger can do it, so can I”.